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Science Fiction Theatre

(Hosted by Truman Bradley, a radio/tv announcer and 1940s film actor, each episode introduced stories which had an extrapolated scientific or pseudo scientific emphasis based on actual scientific data available at the time. Typically, the stories related to the life or work of scientists, engineers, inventors, and explorers. The program concentrated on such concepts as space flight, robots, telepathy, flying saucers, time travel, and the intervention of extraterrestrials in human affairs.

Science Fiction Theatre

? Beyond 9-Apr-55 William Lundigan, Ellen Drew, Truman Bradley, Bruce Bennett
2-Jan Time Is Just a Place 16-Apr-55 Don DeFore, Marie Windsor, Warren Stevens, Peggy O'Connor
3-Jan Out of Nowhere 23-Apr-55 Richard Arlen, Jess Barker
4-Jan Y.O.R.D. 30-Apr-55 Walter Kingsford, Judith Ames, DeForest Kelley, Kenneth Tobey, Louis Jean Heydt
5-Jan Stranger in the Desert 7-May-55 Marshall Thompson, Gene Evans, Lowell Gilmore
6-Jan No Food for Thought 14-May-55 John Howard, Otto Kruger
7-Jan The Brain of John Emerson 21-May-55 John Howard, Ellen Drew
8-Jan Spider, Inc. 28-May-55 Gene Barry, Audrey Totter
9-Jan Death at 2 A.M. 4-Jun-55 Skip Homeier, John Qualen, Ted de Corsia
10-Jan Conversation With an Ape 11-Jun-55 Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Hale
11-Jan Marked 'Danger' 18-Jun-55 Otto Kruger, Arthur Franz, Nancy Gates
12-Jan Hour of Nightmare 25-Jun-55 William Bishop, Lynn Bari, Charles Evans
13-Jan 100 Years Young 2-Jul-55 Ruth Hussey, John Archer, John Abbott
14-Jan The Strange Dr. Lorenz 9-Jul-55 Edmund Gwenn, Donald Curtis, Kristine Miller
15-Jan The Frozen Sound 30-Jul-55 Marshall Thompson, Marilyn Erskine, Ray Collins, Michael Fox
16-Jan The Stones Began to Move 6-Aug-55 Basil Rathbone
17-Jan The Lost Heartbeat 13-Aug-55 Zachary Scott
18-Jan The World Below 27-Aug-55 Gene Barry, Marguerite Chapman
19-Jan Barrier of Silence 3-Sep-55 Adolphe Menjou, Warren Stevens, Phyllis Coates, Charles Maxwell, John Doucette
20-Jan Negative Man 10-Sep-55 Dane Clark, Beverly Garland
21-Jan Dead Reckoning 17-Sep-55 James Craig, Steve Brodie, Arleen Whelan
22-Jan A Visit from Dr. Pliny 24-Sep-55 Edmund Gwenn, William Schallert
23-Jan The Strange People at Pecos 1-Oct-55 Arthur Franz, Doris Dowling, Dabbs Greer, Judith Ames
24-Jan Dead Storage 8-Oct-55 Virginia Bruce
25-Jan The Human Equation 15-Oct-55 Macdonald Carey
26-Jan Target Hurricane 22-Oct-55 Marshall Thompson, Ray Collins, Margaret Field
27-Jan The Water Maker 29-Oct-55 William Talman, Virginia Grey, Craig Stevens
28-Jan The Unexplored 5-Nov-55 Kent Smith, Osa Massen
29-Jan The Hastings Secret 12-Nov-55 Bill Williams, Barbara Hale, Morris Ankrum
30-Jan Postcard from Barcelona 19-Nov-55 Keefe Brasselle, Walter Kingsford, Christine Larsen
31-Jan Friend of a Raven 26-Nov-55 Richard Eyer, Virginia Bruce
Jan-32 Beyond Return 3-Dec-55 Zachary Scott, Joan Vohs, Peter Hanson
Jan-33 Before the Beginning 10-Dec-55 Dane Clark, Ted de Corsia, Judith Ames, Phillip Pine, Emerson Treacy
Jan-34 The Long Day 17-Dec-55 George Brent, Steve Brodie, DeForest Kelley, Sam Gilmore, Robert Barton
Jan-35 Project 44 24-Dec-55 Bill Williams, Doris Dowling, Biff Elliot, Mack Williams, Kenneth Drake
Jan-36 Are We Invaded? 31-Dec-55 Pat O'Brien, Anthony Eustrel, Leslie Gaye
Jan-37 Sound of Murder 7-Jan-56 Howard Duff, Russ Conway, Wheaton Chambers, Christine Larson, Whit Bissell, Edward Earle, Ruth Perrott, Charles Maxwell
Jan-38 Operation Flypaper 14-Jan-56 Vincent Price, George Eldredge, John Eldredge, Dabbs Greer, Kristine Miller
Jan-39 The Other Side of the Moon 28-Jan-56 Skip Homeier, Beverly Garland, Philip Ober

Season 2

No. Episode First airdate Starring
1-Feb Signals From the Heart 7-Apr-56 Walter Kingsford, Peter Hanson, Joyce Holden
2-Feb The Long Sleep 14-Apr-56 Dick Foran, John Doucette, Nancy Hale
3-Feb Who Is This Man? 21-Apr-56 Bruce Bennett, Harlow Wilcox, Charles Smith
4-Feb The Green Bomb 28-Apr-56 Whit Bissell, Kenneth Tobey, Robert Griffin
5-Feb When a Camera Fails 5-May-56 Gene Lockhart, Mack Williams, Than Wyenn
6-Feb Bullet Proof 12-May-56 Marshall Thompson, Jacqueline Holt, John Eldredge
7-Feb The Flicker 19-May-56 Victor Jory, Michael Fox, Judith Ames
8-Feb The Unguided Missile 26-May-56 Ruth Hussey, Peter Hansen, Francis McDonald
9-Feb Mind Machine 9-Jun-56 Bill Williams, Cyril Delevanti, Brad Trumbull, Sydney Mason, Lonie Blackman, Fred Coby, Jim Sheldon, Helen Jay
10-Feb The Missing Waveband 16-Jun-56 Dick Foran, Stafford Repp, Gene Roth, Michael Fox
11-Feb The Human Experiment 23-Jun-56 Marshall Thompson, Virginia Christine, Claudia Barrett
12-Feb Man Who Didn't Know 30-Jun-56 Arthur Franz, Susan Cummings, Bruce Wendell, Voltaire Perkins
13-Feb End of Tomorrow 7-Jul-56 Christopher Dark, Diana Douglas, Walter Kingsford, Dabbs Greer
14-Feb The Phantom Car 21-Jul-56 John Archer, Judith Ames, Tyler McVey, Herbert C. Lytton, William Fawcett
15-Feb Beam of Fire 28-Jul-56 Wayne Morris, Frank Gerstle, Harlan Warde
16-Feb The Legend of Crater Mountain 18-Aug-56 Marilyn Erskine, Brad Jackson, Jo Ann Lilliquist
17-Feb Living Lights 25-Aug-56 Skip Homeier, Joan Sinclair, Michael Garth
18-Feb Jupitron 15-Sep-56 Bill Williams, Toni Gerry, Lowell Gilmore
19-Feb The Throwback 22-Sep-56 Peter Hanson, Ed Kemmer, Virginia Christine
20-Feb Miracle of Doctor Dove 29-Sep-56 Gene Lockhart, Robin Short
21-Feb One Thousand Eyes 6-Oct-56 Vincent Price, Jean Byron
22-Feb Brain Unlimited 13-Oct-56 Arthur Franz, Diana Douglas, Doug Wilson
23-Feb Death at My Fingertips 20-Oct-56 Dick Foran, June Lockhart, John Stephenson
24-Feb Survival in Box Canyon 3-Nov-56 Bruce Bennett, Susan Cummings, DeForest Kelley
25-Feb The Voice 10-Nov-56 Donald Curtis, Kristine Miller, Anthony Eustrel
26-Feb Three Minute Mile 17-Nov-56 Marshall Thompson, Martin Milner, Gloria Marshall
27-Feb The Last Barrier 24-Nov-56 Bill Ching, Bruce Wendell
28-Feb Signals from the Moon 1-Dec-56 Bruce Bennett
Feb-29 Doctor Robot 8-Dec-56 Peter Hanson, Whit Bissell, Doug Wilson
Feb-30 The Human Circuit 15-Dec-56 Marshall Thompson, Bill Ching, Joyce Jameson
Feb-31 The Miracle Hour 22-Dec-56 Dick Foran, Jean Byron, Charles Herbert
Feb-32 Sun Gold 29-Dec-56 Marilyn Erskine, Ross Elliott, Julian Rivero, Paul Fierro
Feb-33 Facsimile 5-Jan-57 Arthur Franz, Aline Towne, Donald Curtis
Feb-34 Killer Tree 12-Jan-57 Bill Williams, Bonita Granville, Keith Richards
Feb-35 Gravity Zero 19-Jan-57 Percy Helton, Lisa Gaye, Walter Kingsford
Feb-36 The Magic Suitcase 26-Jan-57 Charles Winninger, Judith Ames
Feb-37 Bolt of Lightning 2-Feb-57 Bruce Bennett, Kristine Miller, Sidney Smith
Feb-38 The Strange Lodger 5-Feb-57 Peter Hanson, Jan Shepard, Cyril Delevanti
Feb-39 Sound That Kills 6-Apr-57 Ludwig Stössel, Ray Collins, Charles Victor

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