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George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

George Burns and Gracie Allen were among the few successful radio personalities to make the transition to television in the early days of the medium. The Burns and Allen Show exuded excellence, with a unique format, interesting plots, a great cast, and virtually non-stop comedy.

Burns and Allen

Surprise Birthday Party 11-8-1951. Gracie plans a surprise party for George's birthday.
The Beverly Hills Uplift Society 10-11-1951. Gracie and her Uplifters Society are locked out of their clubhouse because Gracie forgot to pay the rent.
The Kleebob Card Game 10-12-1950. In the opening episode, Gracie and Blanche want to go to the movies and George and Harry want to go to the fights. George tries to trick Gracie with a made-up card game called "Kleebob".
Jack Benny Steals George’s Joke 4-24-1952. A feud between George and Jack Benny is the result of Jack stealing one of George's jokes.

Harry Morton’s Private Secretary 11-23-1950. When Harry Morton hires a new secretary, Blanch and Gracie suspect that he has hired a beautiful girl.
The Property Tax Assessor 11-9-1950. Gracie finds a dent in the fender of the car. To keep George from noticing, she tries to convince George that the Burnses and Mortons should walk to a football game rather than drive.
The Income Tax Man 3-1-1951. The income tax man gets frustrated trying to understand Gracie's tax deductions.
Teenage Girl Spends the Weekend 4-26-1951. Emily Vanderlip stays with the Burnses while her parents are out of town and Gracie tries to help her with her schoolwork.

Space Patrol Kids Visit 8-16-1951. Trouble starts when Mamie Kelly and her three children park their trailer in the Burns backyard.
Free Trip to Hawaii 10-9-1952. Gracie gets mixed up.
Gracie’s Checking Account 12-7-1950. Gracie returns George's Xmas gifts before he has seen them because he always exchanges them anyway. The banker, Mr. Vanderlip has a talk with the Burnses about Gracie's odd check writing system.
Home Wedding 9/13/1951. To repay Mrs. Nelson for a tremendous favor she once did for her, Gracie holds a wedding at their home for Mrs. Nelson's daughter.

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